Linksys WAP-300N Dual Band Access Point


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Adds high-speed Wireless-N to your existing network
4 Modes: Access Point, Wireless Media Connector, Wireless Range Extender, Wireless Bridge
10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port with auto MDIX



Linksys WAP-300N Dual Band Access Point is multi purpose Dual band Access Point,Range Extender,Media Connector and Bridge.

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  • Speeds up to 300Mbps
    Provides fast wireless connectivity with transfer rates up to 300 Mbps, you′ll enjoy a powerful networking experience for streaming video, sharing photos, or gaming online.Wireless-N with 2.4 or 5 GHz band
    You can choose which band you set your access point to accommodate your devices on your network.Media Connector Mode
    Connect your HD TV or games consoles or Blu-ray player or other internet enabled devices to your network using the ethernet port.

    Wall mountable
    You can place this product wherever is convenient, even on the wall to save surface space.

    Two detachable Antennae
    The detachable antennae provide flexibility for increasing the range of your wireless signal in your home

    Customise your wireless network expansion with 3 additional modes

    • Bridge: Wirelessly join multiple networks together2
    • Media Connector: Connect one wired device to a wireless network
    • Range Extender: increase existing wireless coverage

    Push-button setup
    The Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ button on your access point is designed to get you setup easily and more securely. Once the wireless connection to your router has been established, simply plug any wired ethernet device to one of the four ports and enjoy instant wireless connectivity.